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"Oakstone Circle Dragon"

Welcome to the Oakstone Wiccan Center Page!

Located in the seaside town of Oceanside, California, we are a small group of wiccans and others who gather to exchange information, ideas, share celebrations and holidays and lots of fun as well. We also produce local based arts and crafts of a pagan design, purpose and theme, often using gifts delivered to our shores by Neptune himself.

In addition, Oakstone Wiccan Center serves as a resources of listings of local merchants and stores, literature and authors, and internet information for any and all interested and curious parties. There is also an organized "path" of study for beginners and novices to follow in the search and practice of Wicca!

In the "Links" area you will find more sites operated by Oakstone Wiccan Center, with areas of many various themes and contents. We hope you will visit some of them, and let us know what you think!

Merry Meet and Merry Part to one and All!

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